KleenBore Handgun Multi-Kit

Article number: HMK-38-45
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The KleenBore Handgun Multi-Kit is like having your very own handgun cleaning toolbox. It’s a must have for every shooters range bag or bench. This case was assembled by KleenBore with quality cleaning hardware in a compact easy to carry kit and has everything needed to clean your favorite concealed carry pistol.

What makes this kit totally unique is its swivel handle that can also be used as a fixed (non-swivel) handle that makes easy work of cleaning chambers, revolver cylinders, and short barrel handguns.

This compact and convenient kit also includes our superior KleenBore No. 10 BIO Mil-Spec CLP, which cleans, lubricates, and preserves while providing short term storage protection. KleenBore Bio Mil-Spec CLP keeps your handgun operating in harsh environments along with extreme temperature ranges from –54°C to +150°C. Excellent for concealed carry handguns and duty guns that transition from extreme temperature ranges frequently.

Kit Features:

Rigid Brass Cleaning Rod
Dual Use Swivel and Fixed (Non-Swivel) Handle
Muzzle Guard
3 Heavy Duty Nylon Bristle Bore Brushes: .357/.38/9mm – .40/10mm – .45 Cal.
3 Cotton Bore Mops: .357/.38/9mm -.40/10mm – .45 Cal.
Patch Holder
Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches

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