FENIX Fenix - ALG-03 V2.0 Helmet Mount

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The Fenix ALG-03 V2.0 Headlamp Helmet Mount allows you to quickly attach and detach the HL55 or HL60R headlamp to many different outdoor/work helmets—making sure the headlamp stays securely fixed to your helmet. Now you can adjust the light angle without worrying about the headlamp slipping or having to readjust positioning on your helmet. Attach the mount easily with the included adhesive tape, then slide your headlamp into the durable nylon mount.


  • Specifically designed for HL55 & HL60R
  • Quick attachment and detachment of the headlamp
  • Durable nylon
  • Allows adjustment of the lighting angle
  • Easy to assemble


  • Length: 65mm (2.56in)
  • Width: 89mm (3.5in)


  • 60g
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